Have you ever come face to face with the Savior? When you do, it will change your life. I knew I needed a face-to-face meeting with Him. I was actually praying for it. I really thought that it might happen. I thought, “He could possibly materialize in front of me”. And God did answer my prayer but not exactly how I was thinking. However, it was so powerful that it changed my life forever.

I was in distress and needed God. I knew I wouldn’t make it without Him. Through a series of circumstances and through much pleading with God on my part, I found myself sitting in someone’s living room, and telling them my story. This person didn’t offer much information, mainly questions. I answered truthfully. Here’s how it went. Do you believe God loves you? Yes, I believe that. Do you believe He is in control? Yes, I believe that too. What do you think His purpose is for you in this trial? I guess He wants me to turn my life over to Him. He doesn’t want your life. He doesn’t? No, He wants you. When those words vibrated in my eardrums, they reverberated in the deepest part of my soul. What just happened? God had spoken the words I needed to hear.

I never knew that God wanted me. I thought he just wanted my service, my money, my attendance. In that moment, I realized that I wasn’t just talking with a friend, but I was talking with the Almighty and God had appeared to me just as I had asked, in human form, through a member of the Body Of Christ.

I want to ask you a question. Does God have you? Because if He does, then He will use you in ways that are amazing and supernatural. He is so good! He wants us to give him ourselves and He will give us Himself. He will offer us the greatest blessing we could ever hope for, His Spirit. When He infuses us with His Spirit, we are given everything we need. We get His mind, His Heart, His Love, His Compassion, His Character, His Wisdom, and the list goes on. Whatever you need, it’s available not through your service, money, or attendance, but through giving your whole self to the One who gave His whole self to you on the cross. Don’t miss God’s appearance!