We are all moving in a direction. Which direction are you moving in? Now, at the beginning of the year, is a good time to take a good long look at your spiritual coordinates. Even small corrections in your course can have a huge impact on your destination. A passenger plane taking off from Los Angeles headed for New York City would only need the nose of the aircraft to turn about 8 feet to the South in order to land in Washington D.C. Small changes add up to huge gains or losses over time. Are you thinking about how today’s actions will most certainly impact you and the people around you a year, or two, or ten, down the road?

God’s plan is to move us in a unique way toward a specific target. We all have this same target. It’s Christ. Our goal is to represent Him. In other words, God is molding us into His image so that eventually, the person we are on the inside, thinks, acts, and speaks like Christ. If you think of Jesus as the bullseye, and you imagine that each of us is located outside of that center mark somewhere, and God is moving us all toward Him, you get a picture of what’s really happening. Because each of us is located in a different position, our instructions are different. But, the closer we follow God’s unique plan for us individually, the closer we get to Christ and also to each other.

Are you following God’s coordinates? Are you taking the shortest path to become like Christ or are you going the long way around? This time next year, will you be on track? What changes or corrections does God want to make to your journey? Find out and you find Him.