Our journey through life has many twists and turns. Not only is it true but it’s necessary. We want to know everything because humans like to be in control. We want to know how and where to begin, the outcome of each endeavor and every move in between. Jesus just says, “follow me”.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan, prepare or have a vision or direction but it means that we must leave room for God to lead. You may have a goal in mind but God has a multifaceted purpose in almost every move we make. We are looking at our journey as it pertains to us but God is looking at it as it pertains to us and all those around us. He plans to meet a multitude of needs and add value in many places we would never think of. The Father alone knows which step will connect you to your destiny while blessing many others simultaneously. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” (Psalm 37:23)

So, pray that God will give you a vision of the person He wants you to become. Ask for the wisdom and discernment to plot the next leg of your journey, but leave room for God. When something beyond your control happens and your plans change, instead of getting angry, ask what better thing God has in mind and approach your situation with a grateful attitude. Keep your trust and your confidence in the fact that God knows best.

Obedience is the quickest way to our destiny.