When you come to the end of your life on this side of eternity, wouldn’t you like to be able to say, “That was way better than I thought it would be.”? It can happen for you. In fact, God already has that plan and He’s ready to help you find it right where you are. Many of us think that all the conditions have to be exactly right for us to get lucky enough to find a great life but Jesus is ready right now. It doesn’t take any special circumstance other than your willingness to start saying yes to God.

You may think that you need to clean up your act first but God is really the only one who can clean up your act. You might think that this is not the best season for you because you’re too busy or you have too many responsibilities. Maybe a later time would be better. Is that what you’ll think when you stand before God to receive your reward? Will you think, “I’m glad I didn’t step up my game earlier”? Or, “I wish I had not expanded the kingdom as much as I did, I’m sorry that I spent so much time and energy following Jesus when I could have been doing other things”. I don’t think we’ll truly know the beauty of the influence of God’s love through us until we stand before God and fully know as we are known by God.

Why not live the present as if there is a very definite future with God? He has created a place for you. It’s a place where you fit perfectly. A place that you were designed to occupy. Why not start today and take your place?