Your words are powerful! God spoke the universe into being by the power of His words. He says it, and it happens. People were originally created in His image and if you are a follower of Jesus, you are being recreated in His image. So we are like Him in many ways. We are creative, we have the ability to speak to each other, convey ideas to one another, write down and record words for future generations and if we know Him, we have the ability to speak His words. It’s an explosive gift that can actually bring eternal life to others. Imagine that!

James says that if you want to control your whole body, then control your words. Think of what your life would be like today if you controlled your words. If you chose to only say things that are true, things that encourage and bring joy, peace, and life to you and to those around you, how much richer would your world be? People you meet would want to spend time with you. Because in your words, they would find wisdom, clarity, and purpose.

If this sounds good, you can start today by giving your voice to the good things you are thinking. So many times, we think something good about someone but we keep it to ourselves. I was at a restaurant a few days ago and there was a young woman at the cash register who was really good at her job. She was attentive, friendly and accommodating so I complimented her. She said it made her day. I’m an introvert, so it’s more difficult for me to speak up, but what a small price to make someone’s day. Ask God to make you aware of opportunities to be an encouragement. It will change your life!

re about Jesus than their political or cultural differences. I want to be able to literally embrace those whose perspective is 180 degrees from mine. We in the church, will never agree on everything but if we are serious about Jesus, we could agree on the main thing. “Love one another as I have loved you.”