“You are a new creation,” God says. Paul said that the first Adam was of the earth and the second Adam (Jesus) is The Lord from heaven. He also said that as we have born the image of the earthly man, we will also bear the image of the heavenly. If you follow Christ, you are being transformed into His image. You are being re-created. You were meant for more than just earthly things. There is something very supernatural about you, about the things you say and do.

Have you given it much thought? It’s easy to get caught up in everything but the things of God. This world is constantly drawing us away from God, but Jesus is here among us, with us, and in us. He is changing our souls. You may look the same on the outside, but His Spirit is remaking the real you on the inside. Jesus talked about the new you. He said we would believe and pray to the father in Jesus’ name, and God would give us what we ask for. Faith is the key.

Do you know how to believe something into existence? If you think about something, pray about something, and talk about something long enough and with enough intensity, you will begin to experience the kind of faith Jesus was talking about. When Lynnae and I started talking about planting The Net, we had nothing. No people, no place, no money, no help, no idea where any of it would come from. But, we kept talking about it with each other and with God and a hand full of very close friends and family members. By the time we announced it, we believed in the vision. We could see it, feel it, and we were already experiencing it. God brought everything else. He’ll do the same for you. What supernatural things await this new person that God is transforming you into? God only knows, but He longs for you to know too.