I am guilty of not living like a “Lifeline.” Are you? Some of you, like me, confuse humility with acting as if we are not important or that what God wants us to do or be is not important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus was the most humble person who has ever lived and yet He took His job, His position, and His purpose extremely seriously. He laid down His life for it.

Many of us think that we are not that important in God’s plan because He is so big, and we are so small. Who are we to think that we can make a difference in this world? Well, that’s not how God sees it. In fact, His whole plan depends on us, His body, His representation on this earth to connect people with Him. He stands ready to gift us at the given moment with wisdom, power, and His own character to influence others with His love.

He has given us the message of reconciliation. We are here to give direction to all those who want and need to be put back to the position with God that Adam once had. We have been reconciled to God and now we show others the way to be reconciled. How do we do it? We can tell them, but the best way is to show them. I once had a friend who never talked about God. He talked about all kinds of things all the time. He talked about things that Christians shouldn’t talk about and did things Christians shouldn’t do but he never talked about God that I can remember. Then one day, the subject came up and he began to tell me about his perception of God and how his denomination was the “right” denomination and that his views were the right views. But, because he didn’t live a Christlike life, obey the teachings of Jesus, or talk about his faith, his message of salvation was weak if not counterproductive.

You and I can be powerful and effective if our words come from the heart of Jesus and our actions are a byproduct of what we believe. God has given us this very task and this ministry is called the ministry of reconciliation. Don’t let today go by without thanking God for this extremely important honor. We are so blessed to be His representation in this world. Thank God!