Would you like more out of life? Specifically, would you like to get more out of the life God has given you? God told Abraham in Genesis 13:14,15, “Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever”. Who are Abraham’s offspring? Galatians says that it’s everyone who believes. We are his offspring because we believe and we receive the promise of the spirit through faith. (Galatians 3)

Let’s look at this physical promise to Abraham and its spiritual application for us. If you can see it, as far as you look in any direction, God will give it to you. Can you envision a life in which your character is so Christlike that you become a blessing to all those around you? Can you imagine having faith, hope, and love that permeate everything you think, say or do? Can you fathom having the ability to even genuinely love and pray for those who would do harm to you? If you can see it, you can have it.

Faith is not just something you say. It’s something you see. You envision it. You practice thinking about it. Maybe you don’t see it yet, but practice envisioning it and before long you’ll see it. And when you do, you’ll have the substance of the things you hope for. (Hebrews 11:1) Why not practice believing? Take a few moments each day and envision your most faithful, most influential, most kind, and loving self. If you can see it, God can produce it in your heart, mind, and soul. You are a child of promise! God loves you and wants you to receive the character of Christ that already belongs to you. Can you see it?