You have an unfair advantage over most people in this world. But it could be hidden to you. Travel lighter and you’ll get to your destination quicker. Many of us want to reach our spiritual goals but we aren’t really doing anything different than we did last year. I’ll spare you the insanity quote. But it’s true and we need to do something different! What if we got rid of the dead weight? In the classic John Wayne movie, “The High And Mighty” (precursor to the airport movies and eventually the comedy “Airplane”), when things went wrong in the air, they began to throw their treasured items out into the ocean in hope that they might make it closer to land before crashing. Much to the surprise of the passengers and crew, they did make it. That was a spoiler I know. 
The point is. If we continue to carry the same load, how will we make it any further than we have in the past. I think it’s time for all of us to lighten the load. You may be be shocked to find that you are carrying things that don’t belong to you, things you’ll never need and heavy weights that serve no purpose except to keep you from your destiny in Christ. Can you feel the heaviness? Does it sometimes feel like you are dragging a burden, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Jesus said to bring those burdens to Him. He wants us to be like Him, humble and gentle in spirit. He wants to give us rest. So if you haven’t already, have your consultation with Jesus for 2022. Let Him break your chains, unload your heart and set you free to run faster and further than you ever have before. 
Running into the new year free from everything that drags us down is the focus this Sunday. It’s going to be good! The worship set this week is incredible! New songs and old ones that will stir your soul at it’s core. The message is one of those that I get excited about because I think you’ll get some real help from the words of Christ on this burden lifting message.