One of the greatest things about our Christian Faith is that we all have a role to play. Jesus came for us and we are the main characters in the story He is creating here on earth. You are important. When you consider that the odds against you even being born are so great that you are virtually an impossibility, you begin to realize what miracle you really are. If you can understand that God created you for a purpose and knitted you together in your mother’s womb, as the scripture says, you begin to understand how important you are to God. It becomes clear that you have an amazing opportunity to live out the role He has created you for. 

Even something as extraordinary as the resurrection of Christ (the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened on earth) is part of our story. It was for us that He came and it is for us that He died and rose again on the third day. And, you have a role in the resurrection. What is our role? It is to submit to the resurrection of Christ in us. Our part is to give ourselves to His resurrection. It’s the greatest deal in all human history. 

The scripture says if we die with Him, we are raised with Him. That’s not just a symbolic religious idea, it’s very much a real thing. Each time we choose His will over ours, His will becomes more woven into our character and His life becomes more apparent through us. My fear is that we might skip over these very concrete principles and miss out on our role altogether. That would be a tragedy because He has given us a life to live! Live yours to the fullest by letting Him live in you.

Don’t let the celebration of the most incredible event in history pass you by this year without finding out just how you fit into the story.