Are you excited about where you are? Are you excited about your potential for the future? How would you feel if you knew your success was certain? Starting your journey is important, but staying focused on the certainty of victory is just as important. It’s out of this assurance of who God has called you to be that the drive and determination to follow Christ can be found. Knowing that the Spirit of God is working in you to transform you into the image of Christ will give you the confidence to take your next step.
Some people don’t even believe it’s possible to become like Christ in this world. One thing is for sure, the Apostles believed it and wrote about it. And if you and I believe, all things will be possible for us. I want a heart like Jesus. I want to love as He loved. I want to forgive as He forgave. I want to have the peace, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control that He has. And guess what? He wants the same thing for me and for you. You may have trouble believing that but it’s true.
Everything changes when you stop focusing on the negative, dream-killing, accusatory thoughts of the evil one and turn your attention to what Jesus and the Apostles said about you. I’m posting a list. Read it morning, noon and night until your focus changes.