You're Getting Better
In Ephesians 4, Paul talks not just about growing, but growing up into Christ. If you have a free minute, take a moment to read it. We aren’t just growing, we’re growing up. When you are a child, you have these milestones like learning to ride a bike or becoming a teenager, getting your drivers license and graduating from high school. These all correspond with your physical and mental maturity. We are growing up.

As Christian adults, we have the same type of thing happening to us spiritually, but I think we often fail to recognize the successes we achieve. God is not just growing us, He’s growing us up into Christ and we are accomplishing so much. Because it’s an inward work, it may not be as clear to others or even to us as it is to God. He has a plan and along the way, there are certain breakthroughs that signal our growing maturity.

For instance, you will find that the more time you invest in your relationship with God, the less rattled you become with the opinions and criticisms of others. When you are confident in God’s approval of you, you aren’t so concerned with what others think. When I was young, I used to get so upset when others criticized me but I remember the time in my life when I began to not only tolerate but invite the constructive criticism of others. That’s a milestone. If you look for them you’ll see them. You will get better at forgiveness, better at compassion, better at serving those who need you. If you follow Christ, you will get better. You’re getting better all the time.