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student ministry at the net

At a time when the lines between right and wrong are quickly being blurred, students need safe spaces, life-filled lessons, and wholesome experiences to help them grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Student Ministry @ The Net is committed to providing young people with the good that they need to help them become the great they are meant to be.

Each Sunday morning, students from middle school through high school gather in the worship center for corporate worship. After worship, students dismiss to the student center for
small group activities, which embody our core principles of Worshiping God and Helping People.

With an amazing team of leaders and a hungry-for-life group of students, our goal is to foster an environment where each student—whether attending regularly or as a guest—can feel comfortable engaging in small group discussion, experience personal ministry through serving others, and develop a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Ray Allister, Student Ministry Leader