Words That Work Miracles!

The first miracle, turning water into wine, Mary says, “Do whatever He tells you.” The second miracle, Jesus says to the official that his son will live, “The man took Jesus at His word and departed.” The third miracle, Jesus delivers a demon-possessed man and says, “Be quiet, come out of him.” On and on as Jesus heals the sick, changes the weather, and even raises the dead, He uses words, “Let down your nets. Give them something to eat. Peace, be still. Lazarus, come forth.” These are just a few phrases that set heaven and earth into miraculous motion.

His words are powerful! They are spirit and they are life. They are sharp enough to divide soul and spirit and they are discerning. His words create! They heal, rescue, light the way and lead us in the paths He has marked out for us. The apostles also had this unique ability. They spoke and miracles happened.

After the apostles died, the miracles, for the most part, died out with them. Why? Do miracles still happen today? Is there something we are missing? Is there some reason our words do not carry the same power as those of that first generation of believers? What must we do in order to speak powerful words that matter and release the miraculous?

A Miracle of Words

When you think of miracles, you probably aren’t thinking about someone simply talking. But, one of the greatest miracles took place in just that fashion. Men spontaneously began to speak in a language other than their native tongue and many other people from different places who spoke many various languages heard this new kind of speech and all understood it as it was being said. This happened when God poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Why do you think God did this particular miracle in the beginning when the church first received the power of His Spirit? Why did God use a miracle of communication to display his power? And why do so many try to recreate it in their own churches? What is the difference between that event and praying, using a “prayer language”?

It’s fascinating stuff and as always, we learn in order to do. Have you ever thought about speaking to God in this way? We will take a journey down this path Sunday as we begin our new series called “Louder Than Words.” It’s a look at the book of Acts. Don’t be nervous, we aren’t going to try and recreate that experience. I think you’ll be intrigued and challenged.