Do You Ever Feel Unworthy?

Do you ever feel worthy of God’s grace? That is probably the better question. I never do. I can’t remember when I ever have. I’ve always been acutely aware of my sins. Even in my pride, the awareness is there. This is something that most Christians and many nonbelievers struggle with. In many cases, it’s the one thing that keeps us from coming to God in the first place. Our enemy would love for us to believe one extreme or the other. He would have us convinced that we are completely worthy or unquestionably unworthy.

The truth is that we are unworthy of God’s acceptance but we are counted worthy because of the very grace that our shame pushes us away from. Once, when I was young, I was struggling with the guilt of a failed relationship and many foolish decisions that I had made. My Sunday school teacher at the time who later became a mentor to Lynnae and me asked me a question. She said, “Do you believe that God knows the future?” I said, “Sure I do.” She replied, “Then you believe that God knew about all the sins you would commit at the time He saved you. And He still saved you.” That piece of wisdom set me free, not to sin more but to be grateful for God’s grace and leave the shame of forgiven sins behind.